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Sofas and Sectionals

A sofa is that piece of home furniture that your home simply cannot be without. Whether it is a simple couch, convertible sofa bed or spacious sectional it is always the thing that naturally becomes the focal point in your living room. The right sofa can be a lot of things – your favourite spot to relax, a place to chill, watch TV on your own, snuggle up with your loved one, spend hours talking with friends or family or even taking a nap in the afternoon. One thing should remain unchanged – it must make you really feel at home.

Match it to Your Living Room Decor

Buying a perfect sofa can be a real challenge considering unbelievably wide selection available on the market. If you are wondering how to make the best decision you should definitely take into consideration a few factors. First, look for sofas that will match your interior decor. On one hand, the ideal piece of furniture should match your taste and fit your room like a glove, complementing everything that is already in it. On the other hand, because of its size, a sofa can easily become the biggest decor in your living room, thus it may serve the role of an accent piece. If your living room is rather minimalist and modern you can try your luck with a sofa in a striking colour, unusual design, shape or unique feature. As a rule of thumb, the couch should be a timeless piece that will not go old in a blink of an eye, but at the same time, you cannot be afraid of taking a risk and trying out current trends, like velvet sofas or couches in air leather finish.

Feel the Fabric – Fabric, Leather and Velvet Sofas

Another thing to keep an eye on is the right material – in general, you can choose from fabric and leather. But it does not stop there – genuine leather sofas, fabric couches, faux leather sectionals, velvet sofas… The list goes on and on, and the important thing to remember is that the right decision should be based on your needs. Low maintenance is what turns you on? Then good old fabric sofa is the one that will not cause you losing sleep over cleaning the couch and getting rid of spots and marks. Luxury enthusiasts will probably be more interested in leather sofas that are a must in modern and traditional living rooms.

Perfect Fit – Sofa Bed, Corner Sofa or Chaise Lounge?

As the devil is in the details and look is not the only thing that matter, you should dig deeper when on the run for the perfect sofa. Start off with the basics – how many people are you expecting to sit on it, and how much space do you actually have at your home. If you own a cosy small flat, a love seat or small 3 seater sofa should do the trick. But if you are a lucky owner of a big house with a significant number of locators, perhaps the larger corner couch or sofa set will be a better choice. Expecting guests quite often? A convertible sofa bed might be the one to stop you from getting anxious about surprising sleepovers. Check all the dimensions beforehand – is the height correct, is the seat wide enough, will the backrest provide proper support for your back? You should know the answer to all those questions, before ordering a couch.

Here at thefurniturerow, you can explore a wide selection of sofas, couches and sectionals for your living room. In various colours and materials, both traditional design and latest trends – whatever you need.

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