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Keep your valuables secure will our comprehensive range of safes.

Safes Products

Keep your valuables secure will our comprehensive range of safes. We’ve got all sorts of options in our selection, from traditional lock and key styles to digital combination lock designs. We have an array of sizes too, including extra wide options that are the perfect fit for your laptop. And how about our handy key safes and key cabinets as well? Many of our safes are fire resistant and waterproof, ensuring that your valuables – be they jewellery, electronics, cash or important documents – remain safe and intact no matter what. Why not take a look at our great selection of quality Yale safes for starters?

Storage safe

If you’ve got valuable belongings that you want to keep locked up and safe, then our home safe options are a great way to keep and store all your belongings securely. Whether it’ sensitive documents, personal treasures, expensive items and so on, you can count on our digital safes to keep all your possessions locked away securely. Check out our Master lock safe range for fire and water safe options you can count on. If you’re not great with remembering pass codes, then a good old key lock storage safe is what you need. We even have ones that come with an extra key, so you can have a backup if you ever misplace your other key.

Key safe

Maybe you’re after an outdoor key safe you can keep your spare key in whilst you’re out of the house. key safes  are a great alternative to leaving your key under the mat or other obvious places near your door. Our mounted key safes are the perfect option for storing your keys outside. And if you need to keep a bunch of keys organised and safe then our key cabinets would be what you’re looking for. Complete with 25 colour coded key tags to help you organise and securely store away your keys.

More home security 

When it comes to home security, CCTV cameras are a great choice because they enable you to see exactly what’s going on in your property – and with smart security, you can stay in the know even when you’re not home, receiving notifications from your smart doorbell whilst checking in via an app on your smartphone. Plus, having cameras set up on your property makes for a strong deterrent too. Check out our full range for lots of brilliant, hi-tech options from brands such as Arlo, Blink and Ring.

To feel truly content in your home, you need to make sure it’s not just secure but safe too. Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer because its presence can go unnoticed – but not with a carbon monoxide detector.

Looking for padlocks? You’ve come to the right place – whether you’re after something small for your suitcase because you’re going abroad on holiday, or you need a larger padlock for your garden shed to ensure your tools are stored securely, we’ve got you covered with our Master padlock range, for heavy duty weather-proof protection you can count on.

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