Garden Parasols & Umbrellas

During hot, summer days the sun can be sometimes more than inconvenient. Sunlight can be unhealthy for our skin, we might even experience sunburns. Investing in a garden parasol is a perfect solution to avoid all that. They come in different designs, shapes, sizes and colours so that you can easily find the one that meets all your needs and simultaneously complements your outdoor space.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a Patio Parasol?

Choosing the right parasol or umbrella can be a difficult matter, especially if you have no idea what to pay attention to. All the types, shapes and sizes to choose from, not to mention the additional features, can turn which may seem an easy task into a real nightmare. Let’s look closely at the most important aspects.

  • Start with materials. Look closely what the parasol you intend to buy is made of. The canopy is most often made with synthetic fabric which features some type of coating which provides it with some type of resistance. The pole can be usually either wooden or metal. The smaller parasols most often feature the first one as they do not have to be as sturdy, additionally the wood offers a more natural look. Metal, on the other hand, is more common when it comes to larger parasols such as the cantilever ones.
  • The base plays a major role. It weighs down the parasol and keeps it in place. If the base is too light the parasol is most likely to tip or break. It may be the case that you will have to buy an additional base as the basic ones are usually not enough.
  • Resistance is definitely something you should take into consideration. The canopy is not always waterproof, meaning it would only protect you from sunlight. You should also look into the UV resistance as the canopy may lose colour with time. Additionally, make sure that the pole is rust-resistant so there are no unpleasant surprises. Consider buying a rain cover for your parasol as an extra precaution, this way you will enjoy the shade much longer.

Types of Garden Parasols

Parasols come in different types and each of those has different uses. The type will also more or less dictate the features as they are rather connected to the design.

  • Market parasols are the standard ones. They feature a hexagonal or octagonal canopies for a traditional look. The pole is usually made from wood, although it is not uncommon to find ones made from metal. They offer limited sun protection so are ideal for casual garden or beach use.
  • Cantilever parasols are much larger and are ideal for casting shade on outdoor living areas. As far as the canopies are concerned they can be either hexagonal, octagonal or even square. The pole has to be made from a sturdy material, preferably metal, as it has to carry a lot of weight.

When choosing the right parasol think about the purpose. For casual use go for a market parasol. If you want to cover a larger area, such as your outdoor living space, you should definitely consider buying a cantilever one.