Balcony Furniture

A balcony is a perfect place to relax in your free time with a book in your hand. It is also a great space to have a coffee or a cup of fresh orange juice. Beliani’s wide range of balcony furniture will give your outdoors some style and freshness and create a cosy corner. Any balcony or patio can be changed into an example of style and charm. Browse our wide range of outdoor furniture and choose the one that suits you best.

Match the Furniture with Your Balcony!

Balcony furniture sets are a perfect match even to small spaces, they are lightweight, easy to move and to store during winter. The multitude of styles of our sets allows you to adapt them in accordance with your preferences. Go for the metal sets in French country style, as they are elegant, graceful and gallant. If you prefer simplicity, take a look at our sets in minimalist design. Nowadays, the so-called spaghetti chairs are very much in vogue, made from durable rattan, they feature modern form and provide utmost sitting comfort. They are very eye-catching yet comfy. Impress your guests with these stunning chairs!

Take Care of Your Furniture

To provide balcony furniture sets’ longevity and make them remain beautiful for as long as possible, we offer a wide range of cleaning accessories. Check it out and stay calm about your balcony furniture’s condition. To enjoy outdoor furniture, even at low temperatures, we recommend purchasing a patio heater that ensures pleasant warmth on colder days. We assure you that it makes any evening super-cosy! Imagine yourself, seating super-comfortably on your patio in the warm Summer night with a book in your hand and with scented candles around you. Isn’t it perfect?

Balcony or patio furnishing is the thing that makes the whole flat complete. Our balcony sets provide pleasant moments when the sun shines and invites you to eat outside, or when you just want to sit there with your beloved ones.