If you are remodeling the bathrooms in your home, you are more than likely going to start with the vanity. Today, you have more choices with modern bathroom vanities than every before. Today, there are more designs than ever with all kinds of styles so you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

The unique options with modern bathroom vanities are vast. You can find traditional vanities with sinks that are installed below the counter as well as bowls that are installed on top of the counter. Vanities of today will ensure that you will not have the same bathroom as the rest of the neighbors and you will be able to choose décor that matches perfectly. Choosing from vanities that offer an antique look to those that offer a sleek and modern appeal are just a few of the choices. Consider a colorful glass bowl atop the counter instead of plain white sink set in the counter. Just imagine all the options you have when start decorating the rest of the bath.

As you begin your search for what is available with modern bathroom vanities you should first measure. You do not want to fall in love with a vanity that is too large for the area or is too small and will make the room offset. You should also consider storage especially if this is the guest bathroom. If you do not have much room for the vanity you may add shelves for holding towels, toiletries and other items or if you have a large area, you can choose a vanity that offers drawers and cabinets for holding all these items.

You will also need to decide the height requirements when looking at modern bathroom vanities. If you have children or grandchildren that visit your home, the optimal height is thirty inches. For the master bathroom since it will be used by adults, the best height is thirty-four to thirty-six inches.

Modern bathroom vanities should be created from a material that can withstand a bit of water. Low quality particleboard vanities will be ruined if they become wet as they boards will expand. Plywood is the better option even though it will cost a bit more. However, it will withstand leaks and the normal child’s play at the sink.

Shopping online for all the choices available with modern bathroom vanities will provide you with more options than visiting your local outlet and will usually save you money. The shops online offer a vast collection of vanities often from different manufacturers and allow you to see all the collections. Of course, saving time is one of the best reasons to shop online. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom or are looking for ideas for your new home, shopping online for modern bathroom vanities is your best option. You will be amazed at all the designs and styles available, many that you have not seen beforehand. Get ideas for remodeling today.