Bathroom Fittings That Stand Out

When it comes to the bathroom, firstly we think about the big things – comfortable baths, large showers, washings machines and others. But sometimes we forget that fittings and accessories are what can improve the look and feel of this room. How to create a cohesive, relaxing SPA in your flat?

Bathroom Fittings Types

Whether you’re searching for a sink or bath tube fittings, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from our wide selection of:

  • basin taps – are small accents, that may make your sink look stylish and elegant. Pick a traditional faucet with two mixers when you seek for a retro vibe or with one handle for precise water heat convenience;
  • free-standing fittings – are available in many shapes and colours. They suit any free-standing bath.

What Should You Check Before Buying Bathroom Fittings?

Finding perfect bathroom fittings isn’t as easy as buying another decorative cushion, so you need to do your research. What should you think about before purchasing bathroom fittings?

  • Measure it up carefully. Precisely check the size of the hole in the washbasin or washstand.
  • Find out what the tap is made of and if it has a chromed coating, that prolongs its longevity.
  • How much space you have in your bathroom? Not every fitting will look good in every arrangement, for example, a free-standing one may not work in small bathrooms. Accessories are meant to add function to your bathroom, not clutter it.
  • Decide the finish – if you want a brilliant shine, a satin brush or maybe an original colour.

Bathroom Inspirations

You are not sure which fitting will suit your bathroom?

  • Black fittings – are great for industrial and minimalist interiors.
  • Silver fittings – will give your bathroom a traditional, classic look.
  • Gold fittings – fit into glam-inspired arrangements.
  • Copper fittings – are great retro vibe lovers.

When you decide on your bathroom arrangement style and furnished it completely, it’s time for decorations. As in this specific room, there is usually not much space, try to keep them useful. Small bathroom storage containers will come in handy when looking for a place to organise your clips and rubber bands. Wall mirror is a necessity, just match its style and colour to the rest of the appliances. In the end, pick some artificial plants – they don’t need any special treatment, and will make the place cosier.

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