Choosing the best wine fridge for you

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Whenever wine is not maintained correctly, it could turn to vinegar. A home wine fridge helps support the preservation of your valuable (and tasty!) wine collection. This article will guide you on how to choose the best wine fridge for you.

There are numerous kinds of home wine coolers available, providing plenty of options for those who like to keep a set of wines readily available.

How to Choose the best wine fridge for you
Wine fridges (also known as a wine cooler) offer compact storage, persistent temperature settings, and also allow wine bottles to be stored on their sides. They are ideal for wine lovers who frequently drink and resupply their wine collections (please note that these kinds of wine fridges are not well suited for aging wines for ten or more years).

When choosing the best wine fridge for you, you must pick a specific size to match your needs. Also, take into account the overall finish and appearance of the wine fridge. Those that will be displayed prominently should fit in with the overall style of the room.

Exterior Construction
Most wine fridge doors are comprised of UV-filtered double-paned glass. The UV filter stops wine from seeing direct sunlight. Double-paned glass assists in keeping the internal temperature at a desired level without much change. Despite internal cooling mechanisms, the unit shouldn’t be stored in direct sunlight or in temperatures exceeding seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. The motor in the wine fridge needs to work harder and more often if the external temperature is too high.

Interior Construction
Wine fridges have evolved over the years to help make the unit more practical. Despite the fridges capacity, having removable/movable shelves helps make the wine much easier to reach. Bottles should always be rotated if kept for long periods of time. Rather than placing one’s hand into the unit to pull out a bottle, a sliding rack makes it incredibly easy to access the wine and simply grasp the bottle, or bottles, required without an excessive amount of maneuvering.

Much like most family fridges with interior lighting, some wine fridges also provide this particular feature. Larger units take advantage of having a light since it assists the consumer see labels with less effort. Some units even light up anytime the door is closed, which allows you to show off your wine and calls attention to the reserves and vintages.

Types of Wine fridges
Freestanding Wine fridges
The best wine fridge solution for many wine enthusiasts, freestanding wine fridges offer freedom in placing the unit anywhere in the home. Whether it’s in the basement among cooler temperatures, or more noticeably placed in the dining or living room, freestanding wine fridges are very practical and can be quite stylish.

Freestanding wine fridges vent through the back, and for that reason alone would be a poor option for built-in enclosed areas. The overheating that could be triggered would lessen the wine cooler’s ability to maintain its internal temperature and cool the wine. This can limit the lifespan of the fridge because the compressor would continually be overworked. A freestanding device might fit into an enclosure so long as there is two to four inches of space on each side, allowing the unit to vent.

Countertop Wine fridges
Countertop wine fridges are the best wine fridge solution for wine lovers who do not have a great deal of floor area, or space underneath their counter tops. Counter top wine fridges are smaller, yet they can store numerous bottles of wine for easy access.

Built-In Wine fridges
Built-in wine fridges are designed for installation into a kitchen or bar. They feature a front vent-hole, which lessens the compressor heat during operation.

These units can be found in numerous widths, colors, and capacities. Built-in wine fridges can accommodate as few as 10 bottles to as much as 150. They’re also quite stylish, as many are designed with stainless steel or wood trim and doors to complement the furnishings of the kitchen or bar area.

What is the type of best wine fridge for me?
When purchasing best wine fridge for you, you should also think about whether the unit will feature single or multiple zone temperature control and additionally whether or not the unit will be compressor-based or thermoelectric.

Single Zone Wine cooler
A single zone wine fridge has one thermostat control and cooling zone. It’s the best wine fridge for wine owners who drink primarily red or mostly white wines. If reds and whites have to be stored with each other in a single zone wine fridge, put the reds on the top of shelves where the temperature is five to 8 degrees warmer.

Dual Zone Wine cooler
A dual zone wine cooler includes two cooling zones. Most wine fridges of this type have digital controls on the front of the cooler to adjust the different temperature areas.

A dual zone wine fridge is ideal for those who enjoy both red and white wines. White wines